Kastrup Windows

Product Warranty

The following warranty conditions shall apply to orders delivered from 1 August 2018. You can also download our Product Warranty as PDF.

Kastrup provides

  • 10-years product warranty for manufacturing and material defects in windows and external frame doors made of plastic, wood and wood/aluminum and for dust and dew built-up inside the sealed insulating glass units that are fitted to such windows; or

  • 5-years product warranty for panels and flush doors; or

  • 1-year product warranty for electric accessories

after the date of delivery of the mentioned products (being defined as the date on which KASTRUP delivered the relevant product to KASTRUP’s customer). The Beneficiary must report all warranty incidents within 14 days of discovering the claim in writing, and such complaints must be received by the contractor/dealer/supplier before the end of the warranty period. Non-compliance with these conditions will void the warranty. Do not initiate any work on rectifying a reported claim before the contractor/dealer/supplier or a person authorized by KASTRUP has inspected the damage and approved that it falls within the scope of the warranty. Nevertheless, temporary preventive measures may be taken, where needed, in order to prevent collateral damage.

The warranty covers the cost-free and professional repair of the damage or, where necessary, the cost-free redelivery of a new window, door or sealed insulating glass unit. If the window, door or sealed insulating glass unit is no longer in production, the redelivery may take the form of another corresponding product.

Where it turns out to be necessary to perform redelivery, the warranty does not cover expenses for workmen for the removal and disposal of the damaged product or the installation of the redelivered product or any other consequential costs.

The warranty covers no form of payment of compensation, reimbursement or suchlike. KASTRUP may therefore not be held liable for any consequential damage to buildings, fixtures and fittings and similar, for expenses for replacement leases, storage, operating losses, lost profit or other direct or indirect losses.

The warranty only applies to products purchased and installed on the mainland of England, Wales, Scotland, Northern Ireland or Ireland.

Sealed insulating glass units

The warranty liability for sealed insulated glass units is subject to the following terms and conditions and coverage restrictions.

  1. The unit must be pre-installed from the factory

  2. The unit must be marked with date of production on the unit’s spacer track.

  3. The warranty does not extend to damage caused by other reasons such as shock, impact, defective storage, inadequate protection during the construction period, movements in adjacent structures, frost bursts, other thermal impact, chemical attack, etc.

  4. The unit may not be exposed to any post-delivery machining or tooling such as grinding, sandblasting, labeling, etc.

  5. Units with mounted or built-in parts such as lead panes, alarm systems, venetian blinds, etc. are only covered by the warranty to the extent such parts cannot be assumed to be the cause of the damage.

  6. The drain path on the windows or doors has to be unblocked

  7. The warranty only covers damage that involves dust or dew inside the pane.

The warranty does not include:

  1. Wear resulting from ordinary daily use, differences in nuances or other circumstances owing to the elements, including wearing parts such as mountings and weather-strips, that need replacement based on use and service.

  2. Tightness for doors fitted with a 1-point lock and where there are accessories going through the structure such as ventilation grills, cat flaps, etc.

  3. Penetration of water through the doorstep of inward opening doors.

  4. Products affected by external effect such as: various foams and other building components, extreme impact from heat, moisture, chemicals and the climate. The customer has to make the contractor/dealer/supplier aware of any extreme climatic locations where the products will be installed.

  5. The functionality of elements that exceed the maximum dimensions in the KASTRUP product program or where there are reservations noted down in the order confirmation.

  6. So-called development damage where a defect is revealed, but where KASTRUP has used methods and materials that were considered conventional and secure by experts at the time of manufacture.

  7. The warranty only covers functional failures and therefore does not extend to damage that is caused by elements, that only impairs the external appearance of the windows or doors or that is owing to ordinary wear and tear in case of normal and proper use.

  8. The warranty will not apply in case the claimed defects are caused by faulty installation or fitting, incorrect or negligent operation or modification of the element. Refer to KASTRUPs mounting instructions.
  9. Defects resulting from lack of or inadequate maintenance when it comes to cleaning, greasing or treatment of timber. Inspect duly all weatherstrips and sealing strips as well as all other maintenance work. Refer to KASTRUPs maintenance guidelines.

  10. The warranty does not cover defects which are caused by improper storage, transportation, mounting, maintenance or other reasons, including vandalism whether by the Beneficiary or any third party.

  11. The warranty does not cover the damage that is covered by another warranty or insurance.
    The warranty is complementary to the other legal rights of the customer and therefore does not restrict or alter in any way the statutory or contractual rights the customer has with regard to the contractor/dealer/supplier of the product.

Please note that the high insulating properties of the products may cause temporary dew to form on the pane under certain weather conditions.