Quality & Materials

High quality windows and doors
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The experience of wood

The properties of the wood reflect the quality of our windows and doors. Wood is not just wood. Wood has so many different characteristics. Kastrup does not use cheap wood with visible knots and resin pockets that lead to resin seepage. At Kastrup we use slow-growing pinewood with a core share of 90%. Wood that has grown slowly is strongest and, accordingly, best suited for use in windows. The core is the innermost part of the trunk, and the main function of the core is to give the wood strength. Pinewood also has a resin content that provides natural protection against rot and fungus. To achieve the best quality, the wood is scanned to reveal knots, cracks and resin exudations, which are then removed. That prevents large brown blotches from knots and resin seepage.

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Resistant aluminium

It is the outside of the window that gets exposed to wind and weather. Robust, maintenance-friendly aluminium on the outside guarantees windows a long life. The quality of the aluminium depends on the quality of the powder coating. Kastrup uses a Danish supplier and facade-approved powder coating. A so-called 12-step chromate conversion coating process gives the aluminium excellent resistance.

Kastrup’s standard colour for surface treatment provides a so-called FIJI surface, which is extra scratch resistant and has a lovely textural finish. Kastrup Windows also offers matt colours in a wide ranch of RAL colours, granite Sablé colours, metallic colours, anodised colours, marine grade treatment – a huge range of options.

Composite as a competitive advantage

Kastrup Windows utilises the benefits of fibre-reinforced composite in many of its products. The reason we do so is because composite is a strong, very stable material with top-notch energy properties. The strong composite profiles require no reinforcement and therefore have no thermal bridges. In addition, the composite profiles are composed of several chambers with stagnant air that do not conduct cold, thus ensuring excellent insulation properties.

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