Kastrup uses FIJI colours that are extra resistant to scratches and abrasions, as standard. The FIJI colours have a textured finish and are therefore more resistant to dirt than the typical window surfaces.

RAL 9010 Fiji | Pure white

RAL 7035 Fiji | Light grey

RAL 7031 Fine texture | Blue grey

RAL 7016 Fiji | Anthracite grey

RAL 9005 Fiji | Jet Black

RAL 8016 Fiji | Mahogany brown

RAL 6009 Struktura | Fir green

NCS S 4545 - Y80R | Swedish red


In addition to our FIJI colours, Kastrup also offers a wide range of RAL colours in matt gloss 30. A relatively matt gloss that makes scratches less pronounced.

RAL 9010 Mat | Pure white

RAL 9001 Mat | Cream

RAL 7035 Mat | Light grey

RAL 7042 Mat | Traffic grey A

RAL 7031 Mat | Blue grey

RAL 7016 Mat | Anthracite grey

RAL 7021 Mat | Black grey

RAL 7022 Mat | Umbra grey

RAL 9005 Mat | Jet black

RAL 8016 Mat | Mahogany brown

RAL 6005 Mat | Moss green

RAL 6009 Mat | Fir green


Aluminium colours with a rustic structure and a granite look are becoming increasingly popular. The rough structured surface looks fantastic and gives a more creative and exclusive feel. Kastrup offers textured colours for a small additional charge.

Sáble Noir 900

Sáble Noir 2100

Sáble Noir 2150

Sáble Noir 2200

Sáble Gris 2400

Sáble Gris 2900


Kastrup uses slow-growing north Scandinavian pinewood. The timber is pre-treated and can be finished in a wide ranch of RAL colours or clear varnish. All timber is scanned for knots, cracks and resin exudations, any imperfections are cut off. The finger-jointed timber is therefore virtually knot-free. All timber is either FSC® or PEFC® certified.

RAL 9010 | Pure white

RAL 9001 | Cream

RAL 7035 | Light grey

RAL 7042 | Traffic grey A

RAL 7016 | Anthracite grey

RAL 7022 | Umbra grey

RAL 9005 | Jet black

RAL 8016 | Mahogany brown

TS 7536 | Green Umbra

Clear varnish


Kastrup works exclusively with European oak from selected quality suppliers. Oak is a very resistant, heavy and stable material. Our mahogany hardwood comes from environmentally friendly und sustainable forestry. The wood is given a basic treatment using clear mould-resistant oil before the product leaves the factory.




Patterned glass, or frosted glass, is used for windows and doors where you want to limit visibility – for example in bathrooms and front doors. Kastrup offers the most sought-after types of patterned glass. Available not just for ordinary low-energy glass, but also for safety and soundproof glass.

Satin White


Cathedral White

Note: we cannot guarantee a precise colour match with the above examples, so it is important that you use genuine RAL colour cards when making your selection.