Kastrup Windows
and sustainability

Environment, company & people

At Kastrup Windows, we regard sustainability as long-term responsibility for the environment, our company and people. It is all about developing a company that can exist for many years and that can secure jobs for many generations to come. Every day we strive to incorporate sustainability into our products, processes and social responsibility.

Sustainable products

Kastrup’s products make buildings more energy efficient. Building sustainability also means creating value that lasts for decades. Kastrup Windows include the whole life cycle of the product in the development process, taking into account the environment, energy and the lifestyle of tomorrow. With our biometric opening features, the latest security fittings and energy optimised ECLAZ glass, Kastrup is already deploying the latest technology. This enables us to create products that have a longer service life and will not lose value over the years. In the event that our products need to be disposed of at some point in the future, we advise you to hand them in at a recycling station where many of the elements can be recycled.

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Sustainable processes

Efficient processes, which focus on minimising waste and increasing productive work, are becoming increasingly important for Kastrup Windows.

Our employees are constantly trained in LEAN techniques and methods. We thereby make sure that we always retain our focus on what is right, while also cutting down on unnecessary resources.

Wherever it is impossible to remove all waste, we have standardised processes to collect the waste and recycle it or dispose of it properly. For example, all our excess composite is collected during the manufacturing process and returned to the supplier to be reused in new window profiles.

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Social responsibility (CSR)

Kastrup Windows is a family-owned company and hugely successful in the Danish window market. We are convinced that the reason for our success lies in the high level of quality and standards and the spirit of innovation, for which we can thank our employees. There are big plans for the future in terms of continued investment in our two factories in West Jutland and the creation of jobs in the local area.

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