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In the context of your personal data on the Kastrup Windows website, quotations and orders, complaints or similar communication with Kastrup Windows, the following terms and conditions apply. If you do not agree, please do not give us consent to contact you through via our contact forms or other electronic communication

1. Contact Information

Kastrup A/S
Mosebyvej 40, DK-7500 Holstebro
Company registration no.: 25473434
Phone number: (+45) 96 10 97 08
Data controller: Christian Sejrup Simonsen

2. What personal data does Kastrup Windows use?

Kastrup collects and processes personal data such as name, address, email address, phone number and all information in the form of text, images and answers to questions that you give us via forms or to employees about your project or your enquiry. The data enables us carry out the task with which you have entrusted us: for example, if you order a free quote, project clarifications etc. In the event of a complaint, we collect additional information about order numbers for your existing windows.

3. What does Kastrup Windows use your personal data for?

3.1. Communication

In principle, Kastrup Windows uses your email address, address and phone number to keep in touch with you by email, phone or letter in context of:

  • Responding to your enquiry
  • Getting back to you with questions or more information
  • Following up and completing the process for a person who got in touch.

3.2. Find a distribution partner

In the context of the “Find a distribution partner” feature on our website, we disclose your data to the nearest distribution partner who will contact you with a view to arranging an appointment to advise you and measure your windows and doors. Our distribution partners are only allowed to use your data for the purposes stated above, unless they receive your permission

3.3. B2B customers and third parties

If we obtain data about you from others, such as supplier, authority or partner, we will usually inform you of this at the start of the case and, in most instances, we will ask your permission to obtain the necessary information. The purpose of obtaining information from you will almost always be justified by the project, to which you have assigned us, with the aim of fulfilling a contract. If we obtain data about you, we will inform you of this within 10 days after we have obtained your personal data.

3.3.1. Exception to duty of disclosure

We issue duty of disclosure to all customers for whom we set up a case, and customers who have started and are not filed.
As regards clients in filed cases, which we, for reasons of accounting law etc., choose to keep, we do not issue a personal data message. This is because we have assessed interests and have come to the following conclusion:

  • We have no information about customers other than name and address.
  • Customers have given us this information themselves and are aware that we have it and store it.
  • It would be very costly to have to find your name and address for posting or finding relevant email addresses.
  • Based on the above, personal data messages are not sent to customers in filed cases.

Personal data is not sent to third parties in filed cases. On the whole, we do not store data about third parties.

However, in the case of B2B customers, where a company is the client, a name and company phone number may be included. The person in question has given this data to Kastrup Windows. This is personal data that can be found in a telephone directory or the like. In our view, the individuals who have sent the mail would find it extremely strange to receive personal data messages in old, filed cases.

3.3.2. Collection and storage of your personal data

We collect information to:

  • Have clear identity information about you
  • Be able to transfer messages and keep you informed
  • Balance any amounts in your account
  • Meet legal requirements including accounting rules, tax documentation, client office rules, etc.

We only collect, process and store the personal data that is necessary for fulfilling our stated purpose. In addition, legislation may determine the type of data that is required to collect and store for our business operations. The type and extent of the personal data we process may also be necessary to fulfil a contract or other legal obligation.

4. Who receives your personal data?

4.1. To whom is your personal data disclosed?

Your personal data is disclosed to relevant Kastrup Windows employees, who have access to your data for the purpose of processing personal data in accordance with the above purpose. In addition, Kastrup Windows may disclose your personal data to business partners in connection with the delivery of good, and Kastrup distribution partners who provide you with services. Our business partners have a duty of confidentiality and are not entitled to use your data for other purposes.

We disclose your personal data if we are legally obliged to disclose it: for example, when reporting to an authority. In such case, you will be informed, since you have the right to be informed.

If we disclose information to third parties who are not independent data controllers, we must ensure that there is a data processor agreement that safeguards both us and you against the data processor acting carelessly with your personal data and in violation of the instructions we provide to the data processor.

4.2. How does Kastrup Windows protect your personal information data?

We have adopted internal information security rules that contain instructions and measures to protect your personal data from being destroyed, lost or altered, and against unauthorised disclosure and unauthorised access or knowledge.

We have established procedures for granting access rights to those of our employees who process sensitive personal data and data that reveals information about personal interests and habits. We can check their current access through logging and supervision. To avoid data loss, we continually back up our data sets. We also protect the confidentiality and authenticity of your data through encryption.

In the event of a security breach resulting in a high risk of you being discriminated against, ID theft, financial loss, reputation loss or other significant disadvantage, we will notify you of the breach as soon as possible.


5. How long do we save your data?

5.1. Online data

Kastrup Windows stores any data that you filled out in the context of a contact form on the website or mailed to us for 12 months.
Google Analytics retains user data and event data for 38 months.

5.2. Order confirmation and offers

As a general rule, we store personal data for 12 years after an order confirmation has been issued. It is a very long period. This is because we believe that customers risk a legal loss if we do not store information regarding orders, including the name of the private customer in question, since our warranty is valid for up to 10 years after delivery of the order. Therefore, we want to be sure that we can find your warranty information.

In relation to business owners, to whom we have also given warranties, it is important for us to have the personal contact details of the individual, and the correspondence with the company in question will usually contain personal information about employees in the company, who need to be contacted in order to prevent legal loss in the context of, say, warranties.

If we provide you with a quote and have received your name, address and email address and no contract is subsequently drawn up, we will usually delete this correspondence after 2-3 years, so we have the opportunity to look back. However, we do not believe that we are entitled to store your information any longer. If we have sent an indicative price in such a way that it contains personal data, we will also delete it after 2-3 years, of course depending on whether negotiations are still ongoing regarding what has been sent.


6. Access for amending, changing or deleting your personal data

You have the right at any time to be informed of what personal information we process about you, where it comes from and what we use it for. You can also find out how long we keep your personal data and who receives data about you to the extent we disclose data in Denmark and abroad. However, access may be restricted out of respect for the protection of other people’s privacy, for trade secrets and intellectual property rights.

If you wish to access, rectify or delete your data, or object to our data processing, we will if possible investigate and provide you with a response to your enquiry at the earliest opportunity, and no later than one month after we have received your enquiry. Please send any enquiry to:


7.Where is your personal data stored?

Your personal data is stored on servers in Denmark. Certain data is managed by a third party who stores and processes this personal data on behalf of Kastrup Windows in accordance with this Data Policy and the applicable legislation governing protection of personal data.

8. Cookies

8.1. What is a cookie?

A cookie is a text file that is located on your computer or other IT equipment. A cookie enables us to recognise your computer and collect information about the pages and features you visit on your computer. Cookies contain information in anonymised form.

8.2. Cookies on this site

On this website we use cookies for a variety of purposes in connection with function, web analysis and marketing. We mainly use cookies to collect statistics on users’ visits. We use the data to enhance the user experience.

8.3. Opting out of cookies

If, now or in the future, you wish to opt out of cookies, you can do so in your browser settings. You can block cookies from this and other websites by adding the domain under Internet Settings in your browser.

8.4. What happens if you opt out of cookies?

If you deselect cookies using your browser settings, it will not be detected when you browse the internet. By deselecting cookies, you will automatically be opting out of some of the functionality of some websites, which may cause them to malfunction.


9. Google Analytics

We use Google Analytics, an analytics tool that provides detailed user behaviour statistics on our website. We do this, for example, to optimise the user experience, by getting to know the behaviour of visitors. If you do not want your website activity to be accessible to Google Analytics, you can install the Google Analytics browser add-on to opt out of Google Analytics via this link:

Note: The instructions above are links directly to the web browser manufacturer – No form of liability can be claimed against us if they are incorrect.


10. Generelt

If you have any questions or other comments about our data policy or how we use your personal data, you can contact us at