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Kastrup started in 1995 as a one-man business, manufacturing UPVC windows. Today Kastrup is the only supplier in Denmark to offer a range of materials for windows, doors and sliding doors in UPVC, wood and wood/aluminium. We are proud to be in charge of the entire process from design and production to delivery.

The product program to UK and Ireland only contains wooden/aluminium products.
We are 100% Made in Denmark. Everything is manufactured at our two factories in West Jutland. It is essential for us to have complete control over the quality.

Innovation, design and quality

Our positive development in recent years makes us one of Denmark’s fastest-growing window manufacturers. Our success is the result of our spirit of innovation, flexibility and passion for detail. We listen to our customers’ needs and challenge ourselves to come up with the best solution. These challenges help us continuously to develop our products in terms of technology, quality and aesthetics. In new build, renovations and large-scale commercial projects, we have proven that our products are helping our customers.

An exciting future

What are our plans for the future? Day in and day out, we will improve the quality of our products and services, invest in new technologies and continue to maintain positive cooperation with our customers. Over the past three years, more than 1.800 corporate clients from 8 different countries have opted for Kastrup’s windows and doors.

The co-owner, Lasse Kastrup is the second generation of our West Jutland family business, which has a workforce of 200 employees. Kastrup Windows is also part of IFN Holding AG, one of the largest family-owned window companies in Europe with subsidiaries like Internorm and GIG.

We believe that, with hearty craftsmanship and a spirit of innovation, we should constantly be striving to increase the standard of our products.


At our factory in Holstebro, we have consolidated our management, our administration and the production of the INVI series as well as our UPVC- and wood products for the Danish market. In 2018, the factory was expanded by 5000m2 to make room for new production lines.

Mosebyvej 40
7500 Holstebro



Since 2001, we have been manufacturing all our wood/aluminium elements at the factory in Lyby near Skive. This is also where we design and manufacture all our special solutions for our wood/aluminium products. That is why we have located our technical department in Skive.

Fabriksvej 5
7800 Skive