Security & Comfort

Good feeling guaranteed

Everyone planning their new home has to make a lot of long-term decisions. We are talking environment, energy supply and the way we will live in the future. With our products and their refinements, Kastrup takes all these decisions into account. Our products are tested by independent institutes such as the Danish Technological Institute and the BM Trada in the UK.

High-level security is standard

All Kastrup products incorporate burglar-resistant details and solutions. If further security is needed, our tests in accredited institutes have resulted in solutions that meet even stricter requirements in burglary security and tightness. Our windows and doors in the INVI series, the KASTRUP ENERGY series, front doors with glass panels and a wide ranch of panelled doors are all PAS24 certified.

The KASTRUP ENERGY windows feature 15mm tempered restrictor hooks, spring recoil fastening, groove fastening on hinges and adjustable secure strike plates as standard. The patio doors and front doors are made with 20mm restrictor hooks, a latch and a secure strike plate as standard. This makes it virtually impossible to destroy the brackets from the outside. The construction of the INVI series, in which the strike plate is protected way inside, provides a high level of security itself. The espagnolettes with multiple mushroom bolts around the frame and the corners make it very difficult to break the closing mechanisms from the outside. Moreover, the glass in the INVI series is always glued, making it very time-consuming for a burglar to remove the glass from the window.

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The right window installation

At Kastrup Windows, we know that the proper installation of our windows and doors is crucial when it comes to getting the best out of our products. Hence, Kastrup collaborates closely with our distribution partners, who are constantly given training and courses on our products and installation instructions.

That way, we ensure that there is top quality in the entire chain from delivery and installation to subsequent services, guaranteeing customer satisfaction.

Goodbye to unnecessary noise

Constant noise is annoying and can lead to health problems. Noise from the street, traffic, construction sites or neighbours has an increasingly larger impact on our everyday lives. The noise level in apartments and homes should not exceed 30dB.

Kastrup is an expert when it comes to reducing noise and we take this into account in our products. In a building with sound insulation requirements, it is important for windows and doors to comply with the requested sound requirements.

Kastrup offers a wide range of sound solutions – from different kinds of soundproof glass to bespoke noise reduction windows. In addition to soundproof glass and bespoke solutions, the KASTRUP ENERGY series gives you the option of a third seal, which provides even better sound insulation, heat insulation and watertightness. The INVI series has three seals as standard and standard glued glass also ensures better sound insulation.

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Winter comfort

When the cold weather sets in, windows should insulate the room and take advantage of the warmth from any sun we are lucky to get. Windows should enhance our quality of life and comfort.

We often find that people sitting next to a loose window move further into the room to avoid cold and draughts. A single radiator next to the wall cannot counteract this feeling.

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